5 Strategies for Success in ISO 14001:2015 + The Value of Depth and Detail

Posted by Emily Ysaguirre on Fri, Sep 23, 2016 @ 03:00 PM

This week’s roundup focuses on Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). Read more to learn strategies for success in ISO 14001:2015, the value that lies in the depth and detail of processes and how to take down risks with EHS management software.

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Ensuring School Lunch Safety with the Food Safety Management System

Posted by Emily Ysaguirre on Wed, Sep 21, 2016 @ 03:00 PM

Last year, Primetime producers went on surprise inspections of certain school cafeterias. To their dismay, they found conditions that you should never find food in— from dead rodents in the vicinity, to storing food in temperatures where potentially dangerous bacteria could breed—there were overall hazardous conditions. According to experts who track food safety in schools, these conditions occur across the country, putting children at risk.

Government figures show that the past decade has brought 300 outbreaks of food illness and these incidents are rising by 10 percent each year. 

With that said, food experts say that proper handling in school kitchens will kill potentially dangerous bacteria. This supports the need for an automated Food Safety Management System (FSMS).

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Converting Ambition into Action + 3 Essentials for Operational Risk Management

Posted by Emily Ysaguirre on Fri, Sep 16, 2016 @ 03:00 PM

This week’s roundup brings you articles on how to better improve your company's working culture, looks into three capabilities needed for operational risk management and gives you advice for keeping up with life sciences standards—and the tools that can help.

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How are Organizations Creating Visibility into Supplier Quality?

Posted by Emily Ysaguirre on Wed, Sep 14, 2016 @ 02:00 PM

Many Life Science organizations are turning to outsourcing as a method for getting their products to market faster. However, companies must still be sure that their product is meeting strict compliance regulations and is within acceptable specifications. Any deviation or quality event arising from poor supplier quality can negatively affect the brand owner and overall image of the company.

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Reducing Cost and Time to Market for Medical Wearables + FDA Regulation of Class II Devices

Posted by Emily Ysaguirre on Fri, Sep 09, 2016 @ 02:00 PM

Happy September! This week’s roundup brings you articles regarding how to manage change, how the FDA’s recent draft changes may affect orthopedic manufacturers and how to reduce cost and time to market for medical wearables. Enjoy and feel free to leave your comments in the space below!

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3 Things to Know about Compliance Management Software

Posted by Emily Ysaguirre on Wed, Sep 07, 2016 @ 04:00 PM

In the Life Sciences, there has been an increasing level of regulatory oversight in order to ensure that companies are meeting compliance with FDA and ISO standards. In order to ensure a high level of compliance with these initiatives, while providing visibility and control, an automated Compliance Management System is critical.   

Let’s look into 3 ways a Compliance Management System increases visibility into all events that occur across your business, mitigates risks and streamlines communication with your supply chain.

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The Importance of Risk Management + Stay Inspection Ready with Audit Management

Posted by Emily Ysaguirre on Fri, Sep 02, 2016 @ 02:00 PM

This week’s roundup will consist of all our posts from the month of August, in case you missed them the first time around. Read on for the latest blog posts from Verse as well as content we’ve curated from industry leaders such as Quality Digest, LNS Research and more.

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5 Benefits of a Cloud-Ready Solution for Life Sciences

Posted by Emily Ysaguirre on Wed, Aug 31, 2016 @ 04:33 PM

A Compliance Management system simplifies an organization’s daily tasks—it helps to meet the needs of compliance, while validating that this is the case. The Life Science industry must follow specific requirements and guidance set forth by regulatory agencies. In such a complex and competitive environment, organizations are challenged with meeting and maintaining high standards. This level of oversight adds another dimension to the nature of business systems.

Cloud-based compliance solutions provide the tools and the functionality needed to ensure compliance in this highly regulated industry.  

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The Pursuit of Operational Excellence + 5 Tips for Total Quality Management

Posted by Emily Ysaguirre on Fri, Aug 26, 2016 @ 02:00 PM

In our roundup this week, we bring you the latest industry insights into the world of quality and life sciences. Read on for an article on operational excellence from the LNS Research blog, learn how quality management streamlines the process of change from ODT Magazine, and get 5 tips for total quality management from the Verse blog archives.

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Forging Elite Quality and Compliance in 4 Steps

Posted by Emily Ysaguirre on Wed, Aug 24, 2016 @ 03:00 PM

An automated Quality Management System (QMS) streamlines common business processes and increases efficiency within an organization. The QMS creates visibility and control through various, linked processes that allow companies to forge elite quality and compliance, creating a consistent method for continuous improvement.

This post will look into four traits that a QMS possesses to help ensure quality and compliance.

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