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3 Quality Management Predictions for 2017

December 28, 2016 / by Emily Ysaguirre

2017 is rapidly approaching! To help you get prepared, we put together a post oBlog-NewYear-001-small.jpgn our top predictions for what’s in store for quality management next year. Read on for these, along with blog articles to help get you on the fast track to compliance.

Enjoy—and we wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

Prediction #1:  Deployment options will weigh strongly in software decisions—mainly around choosing a secure, dedicated cloud over a shared, multi-tenant solution.

As we know, all software solutions are not created equal and as we have seen in 2016, the cloud has become the preferred method of deployment in many cases. In fact, moving solutions to the cloud could very well be the new reality in 2017. The option of choosing the cloud as deployment allows multiple users to work together on a single platform. This benefits the customer in more ways than one…rather than just the vendor like in a multi-tenant solution. If you’re interested in getting ahead in 2017, be sure to check out this blog.

Prediction #2:  Supply chain connectivity will move beyond email and spreadsheets. We will start to see the value of interlinking the vendor and supplier relationship with technology.

Today, almost everything is entirely manufactured through different suppliers. Therefore, it is important that companies are able to communicate with suppliers and create a great relationship. Setting new contract manufacturing relationships takes a considerable amount of investment time and resources but is extremely important for reducing risk in any organization. In 2017, we believe that interlinking vendor and supplier relationships with technology is the only successful way to keep up. For more information check out this blog on strengthening contract manufacturing relationships.

Prediction #3:  Freemium will start creeping into the quality and compliance world.

We believe that quality and compliance is every man’s job. Whether a small or large company, the aspects of safety, risk and control are all of equal importance. That said, in 2017 we believe that the market will notice freemium applications that will take over the quality and compliance world. If you haven’t already heard of Traqpath, here’s your chance.

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