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Ensuring the Safety of Medical Devices + Risk Management in the Life Science Industry

December 16, 2016 / by Emily Ysaguirre

In this week’s roundup we bring you articles around the stateLS-Roundup-verse-small_2.jpg of mobility in asset performance management, how to ensure the safety of your medical device and how to manage risk in the Life Science industry.


The State of Mobility in Asset Performance Management

Author: Jason Kasper via LNS Research 

Mobile devices and applications have evolved throughout the years, says author Jason Kasper. In this article, he discusses the mobility of applications and devices that are now used at hand with different clients in similar industries. The discussion ranges from opportunity at the data’s source, more whitespace for mobility at the plant, and the future state of mobility. Read the article here for more detail.

Ensuring Your Connected Medical Device is Safe, Secure and Usable

Author: Information Technology by Marie Thibault via MDDI Blog

In this article, the author discusses security in the cloud environment in addition to balancing safety, security and usability for connected medical devices. In further detail, the author points out that the balance between usability and security is determined on a per-customer basis. For more information read the article in full here.  

Risk Management in the Medical Device Industry: How Do You Measure Your Risks?

Author:  Emily Ysaguirre via Verse Blog

Risk is prevalent in all industries.  In the Life Sciences in particular, organizations must be extremely careful to ensure the safety and quality of all products, as they affect health and well-being. It's critical for those in the medical device industry to stay on top of possible risks to ensure each product is of the highest level of quality to ensure the safety of consumers.

One of the best ways of assessing risk within the medical device industry is through automated risk management. Risk management enables companies to catch adverse events at the root cause, so you can make changes to ensure this risk doesn’t repeat itself. Read more, here.

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