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Introducing IMEDS  + Tips to Keep Healthcare Consumers Happy and Loyal

February 3, 2017 / by Emily Ysaguirre

This week’s Verse SolutioLS-Roundup-verse-small_2.jpgns roundup consists of the latest industry news in the life sciences
industry. We have articles from FDA Voice introducing the Innovation in Medical Evidence Development and Surveillance System (IMEDS), from Quality Digest on keeping healthcare customers happy and we bring you 4 ways an automated system benefits life science companies.

Introducing IMEDS, a Public-Private Resource for Evidence Generation

Author: Robert M. Califf, M.D.

As stated in this article, the FDA has been working to establish a national resource for FDA approved medical products that can be used by public and private-sector entities. This is in effort to secure and protect patient privacy. The FDA routinely utilized information from large amounts of electronic healthcare data to better inform regulatory decisions and IMEDS policies and procedures have been adopted over the years. With lessons that were learned from the pilot that have been incorporated into IMEDS programs, researchers are now offered nationwide access to modular programs as well as customized epidemiologic studies. For more information and the several important advantages for both regulated industry and regulators, read on.  

Four Tips to Keep Healthcare Consumers Happy and Loyal

Author: Laura Gillenwater via Quality Digest

In this article, author Laura Gillenwater discusses four tips to attract new customers and keep them loyal. In the medical industry, she states that it is easy to focus on avoiding the latest penalty and capturing the right metrics with eMDR, however it is also important to keep things simple, go digital, create an incentive for loyal customers and build trust with your patients. For more information, read here.

Don’t Snooze through Compliance: 4 Ways an Automated System Benefits Life Sciences

Author: Emily Ysaguirre via Verse Blog 

I’m not a morning person. Well, I could be… once I fully wake up. Waking up for me is the hardest part of my day. I’ve tried every different alarm sound my cell phone has to offer and still I manage to tune it out and continue dreaming. One morning, I thought— I wonder who the inventor of the alarm clock was and if waking up was any type of struggle for him/her like it is for me?

A few google searches later and I learned the evolution of the alarm clock was a lot more complex than I had hoped for… but I narrowed it down and found that the mechanical alarm clock was said to be created by Levi Hutchins, of New Hampshire in 1787. He only made one for himself, (so I guess he needed it a lot like I do!). It only rang once at 4 am to wake him for his job. French Inventor Antoine Redier was the first to patent an adjustable mechanical alarm clock in 1847. Now whoever invented the snooze button was a google search for another day…

An alarm clock to me is what Compliance Software is to an organization. So if you don’t have a Compliance Management System— wake up!!  

Automated Compliance Management Software helps companies comply with regulations like GMP, ISO and FDA standards while simplifying the process of completing everyday tasks and projects. Read more.

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