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The Beginning of Quality Management’s Digital Transformation + The Data Boom

February 22, 2017 / by Emily Ysaguirre


This week’s Verse Roundup focuses on Quality. In this compilation, you will find information from sites like LNS Research, Quality Magazine and our very own Verse Blog. Topics range from quality management and its digital transformation, to Big Data and why quality is a journey, not a destination.

2016: The Beginning of Quality Management’s Digital Transformation

Author: Dan Jacob via LNS Research

In this article, Dan Jacob discusses three important developing trends in Quality Management. Identifying them as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) pilots focused on quality improvements, increased adoption of risk management automation and substantial growth in Cloud-based EQMS adoption. Get three takeaways for quality leaders by reading the article in full here.

The Data Boom: How New Software Solutions Are Boosting Companies’ Visibility, Quality, and Productivity

Author: Leah Pickett via Quality Mag

This article depicts the manufacturing world and how manufacturers must keep up with rapidly evolving technology, along with consumer trends to survive. In other words, it’s a data driven economy. The author, Leah Pickett, states that the average consumer relies on cloud-based communication and uses Big Data to solve problems on a regular basis, whether it’s through the use of smart phone apps in their personal lives or through more complex cloud computing software in the workplace. She then covers the benefits of workforce mapping and matching, which you can see here.

Quality is a Journey: How the QMS Helps You Reach Your Destination

Author: Emily Ysaguirre via Verse Solutions

While cloud-based Quality Management solutions offer a quicker and cheaper method for achieving quality and compliance, it’s not a one stop destination. You can’t just “park your car and get out.” After implementing the solution, you’ll still have to guide the way to quality, in order to maintain a steady speed and ensure you meet your goals.

This is why I consider the Quality Management System (QMS) to be the cruise control of compliance.

The QMS allows companies to seamlessly cruise to compliance by using technology to boost efficiency. It streamlines processes with the help of various, integrated modules. It helps keep work on track, with scheduled follow ups to ensure tasks are completed on time, every time.

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