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Visuality at Work + The Quality You Don’t See

November 18, 2016 / by Emily Ysaguirre

Hey there! This week’s roundup brings yoQuality-Roundup-verse-small_2.jpgu the latest from the Quality industry. We will take a look at how to improve productivity in the workplace visually, why we should be thankful for the quality we don’t see and how QMS solutions help businesses reach their quality destinations. Enjoy!

Visuality at Work: A More Complete Description

Author: Gwendolyn Galsworth via Quality Digest

This article states that a visual workplace can improve productivity by as much as 30 percent Author Gwendolyn goes on to say that, in a visual workplace, information is converted into simple, universally understood visual devices and installed in the process of work itself. Later clarifying that the result transforms a mute work environment into one that speaks, “eloquently and precisely about how to use it effectively and efficiently.” She provides examples of how a visual workplace can help take the struggles out of everyday life. For more information, or to read the article in full, click here.  

The Quality You Don’t See

Author: Paul W. Critchley via Quality Magazine

This article was written by a manufacturing engineer. He discusses how operations are often measured and judged by the ability to react and that as quality engineers work, there are many issues that don’t get the chance to make themselves known. And each and every day, there are people who are pushing to make sure that things go right before they get the chance to go wrong. He believes that we should be thankful for those people in a plant or office who spent the extra time and effort to ensure the quality we don’t see. See the article in full detail, here.

Quality is a Journey: How the QMS Helps You Reach Your Destination

Author: Emily Ysaguirre via Verse Blog

While cloud-based Quality Management solutions offer a quicker and cheaper method for achieving quality and compliance, it’s not a one stop destination. You can’t just “park your car and get out.” After implementing the solution, you’ll still have to guide the way to quality, in order to maintain a steady speed and ensure you meet your goals.

This is why I consider the Quality Management System (QMS) to be the cruise control of compliance.

The QMS allows companies to seamlessly cruise to compliance by using technology to boost efficiency. It streamlines processes with the help of various, integrated modules. It helps keep work on track, with scheduled follow ups to ensure tasks are completed on time, every time.

Automation helps, here’s how.

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