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We know Automation is Smart…but how Smart?

April 6, 2016 / by Emily Ysaguirre


Maintaining a high level of quality is paramount to success.  Having a system that helps to do so fosters collaboration and continuous improvement. An integrated Quality Management System (QMS) helps meet the quality needs of any industry. This is done through automation. Automation saves time, limits the amount of waste produced and helps increase overall efficiency.

Digging deeper into automation helps us realize how smart it really is. So let’s begin.

Automation helps to:

Promote Visibility: Having an automated system to track projects and procedures creates more room for visibility. Ensuring that there is visibility into all data is not only half the battle, but a necessary component for compliance. With a common theme, a solution can be created to track all processes and manage them effectively. Having the visibility to control processes and records also helps with regulatory compliance. Part of achieving total compliance involves meeting required document practices set by standards such as ISO 9000.

Reduce Risk: Employee Training, Audit Management, Corrective Action and Risk Management are all modules that work well together. In fact, they allow an organization to become more effective as a unified system. This linking of modules provides changes and solutions quickly and efficiently, creating clear visibility across the board. Changes can be placed in workflows, forms etc. drastically reducing the chance of human error. Integrating like modules together builds unique risk tools. Such tools are able to configure risk and account for it in any and all processes, with filtering. Filtering will rank the harm and chance of occurrence and suggest which events should be taken care of in which order.

Increase Collaboration: Working together keeps work on schedule. QMS software is often built with the tools for collaboration in mind involving all areas of the business. With intelligent workflows, users can automatically route and notify assigned users of due dates and assignments and also set reminders to ensure they are completed on time. With automation, nothing is left to chance as it is all accounted for beforehand, so no due dates are missed.

Control Records: QMS software is hosted in a secure and safe environment. Data is always accounted for through certain modules that keep information logged and dated from all locations. The most recent copy is always saved, so there are no mix ups or frantic last minute searches. With robust searching and reporting tools it is easy to make sense of data, filter and categorize it. Once this is done the events can be built into charts and reported on with color for engaging analysis.

Easily Conduct Audits: Audit Management software makes the process of managing and conducting audits much easier. It creates already configured workflows and audit profiles that include all components in one centralized location. This allows the auditor to pick and choose questions or checklists with variable scoring options within seconds rather than having to set it up manually. It also allows for full traceability on the results and actions that should be taken to improve, regardless of location. Audit management allows audits to take place on the shop floor or out in the field.

The bottom line is that automation is so smart, it’s practically intuitive. Once a system is built into its systemized workflow, business needs are easily met. So to answer any doubts, automated software is smart enough to uncover opportunities for continuous improvement, while fighting off risk and other hazardous threats that may attempt to sneak in the way.

Automated QMS software is the driving force that allows a company to keep up with rapid market speed.

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